About Us

This blog was created by a group of skeptic activists from Latvia, who are concerned about a highly dubious and unproven anti-cancer treatment called Rigvir, which originated in Latvia, but now has become an international problem, attracting and affecting cancer patients from around the world. Thus far, we have mostly been active in Latvia, but we believe people outside of Latvia also need to be informed. We feel it is our duty to warn cancer patients and their families, public institutions, healthcare specialists and media abroad about the scandal that has been developing in Latvia around this supposed anti-cancer treatment.

Links to media articles written about Rigvir are available here.


Some of the activists who have contributed to this blog:

Ksenija Andrijanova – skeptic, registered dietitian, evidence-based blogger

Raimonds Blūms  – skeptic, designer, artist

Austra Muižniece – skeptic, linguist, former cancer patient

Anna Ulla Rone – investment analyst with an in-depth interest in pharmaceutical industry

Ināra Rubene – M.D. with extensive experience in clinical research

Jana SimanovskaDr.sc.ing.environmental activist, skeptic, blogger

Andris Skride – M.D., Ph.D, with specialisation in Internal Medicine, advocate of evidence-based medicine

We are all volunteers, and we do not receive any external funding to run this blog.



TW account: https://twitter.com/RigvirFacts

E-mail: rigvirfacts@gmail.com